Mutt & Tumble Services

With the right knowledge and tools any dog can be rehabilitated.


We work to make your training lessons tailored to you and your dog’s needs.

What we offer

In-home At-home individual training lessons
We specialize in, in-home at-home training allowing us to work with you and your dog on an individual basis. Not every dog and owner is the same and not every situation is the same which is why we evaluate what tools will be the most effective to help you build more trust, respect and love between you and your dog. With 20+ years of experience we have learned that the key is educating the owner with simple and workable tools so you can continue after we complete our time together.

Board and Train

Board and Training allows us as new and different handlers to create a new foundation eliminating unwanted behaviors. It’s a way to have a fresh start leaving the unwanted behaviors in the past. Right now our boarding and training is open but limited to a range of behaviors.

When your dog boards and trains with us they get integrated into our pack learning the rules, boundaries and limitations to become a balanced dog. Our three pillars to achieve balance is Exercise, Discipline and Affection. Depending on your dog’s needs we will create a lesson plan around these three pillars.